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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Satire at Its Finest

“Detroit turned out to be heaven, but it also turned out to be hell.”
- Marvin Gaye

So apparently, Kwame Kilpatrick won the Michigan election for mayor by votes cast by dead people. I guess Kilpatrick's campaign moved people so much that they literally rose from the grave to vote for him. Never mind that he drove a vastly expensive car (several of them, to be precsie) on the city's expense! Never mind that he gave Detroit teachers a party costing hundreds of thousands (to the city, of course) for no reason at all! Those aren't the important facts!

He's got a cool name. That's what matters. Like Kunta Kinte. Let's face it, who wants a mayor named Hendrix? I mean, that an overused name. We've heard that before. We need something new, something fresh. Kwame Kilpatrick. Rolls off the tounge, doesn't it?

Personally I don't care for Kwame Kilpatrick. I'm sorry, but anyone who puts a grossly oversized diamond in their ear for the sheer purpose of looking cool just pisses me off. Send that money to a fucking charity or something. You don't need to be a fucking douchebag. You might as well put a massive platinum grill in your mouth.


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