"Hell is paved with good intentions." - Cicero

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"He who does not punish evil commands it to be done."
- Leonardo Da Vinci

You know what's funny? My complete lack of any work ethic whatsoever and my empty promises. Remember when I said "This is not an empty promise?" Yes, well, turns out I'm a liar. Oh well. Right now I'm fairly concerned with making myself a Go board from oak. I bought the stones online and the board is almost finished. Yeah, it's sweet. I might take some pictures and share them. At this point, expect the least from me.

About that Exta watermelon-flavored gum? It's ridiculous. I really didn't know that watermelon also contained menthol. Lots of menthol. Chewing that shit is like eating a watermelon cough drop, except it fucking gives you a sore throat. It's the worst best thing I've ever had. It's terrible because it tastes like death, but it's awesome in how incredibly bad it is. More than anything else. God help the person who decides to try it.


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