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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I can tell right off the bat that this is going to be a boring spring break, mostly because I really can't think of much to do. I'm almost finished with my Go board after putting it on hiatus for a while and I'm sick of making tikis.

I do, however, have a marvelous new project. I call it Auschwitz: Bloopers and Follies. Basically, what I'm doing is taking clips from concentration camps and World War II and assembling them in a chronological order. Then I'm speeding it up and setting it to the song Yakety Sax (also known as the Benny Hill theme). I also found a pack of funny slip and fall noises, so I'll be putting in blooper sound effects. It should be quite a hoot. I got this idea from someone at school—I don't remember who. Please say something here or talk to me in school so I can give you credit (if you want it).

If anyone wants to hang out, just call me.


Blogger Geiger said...

Torrie is going to Florida, so I am going to eat every single nut product I can think of. You should join me.

12:34 PM

Blogger Chad Sobodash said...

You know me, Geiger: I can't pass up an opportunity to eat nuts. By the way, have you ever had an acorn? I've never had an acorn. What the hell does it taste like?

We should get one of those bigass tubs of peanuts and destroy it. Mmmm . . . honey roasted goodness.

7:55 AM


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