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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Not Too Shabby

“A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.”
- Guy Fawkes

I just got back from V for Vendetta. Holy crap. That movie was the greatest thing ever! Well, that's an exaggeration. For a movie, it was awesome, but it's not the political masterpiece that people chalk it up to be. I appreciated the historical accuracy of its introduction, but much of the rest of the movie was overblown. The trails on the daggers didn't need to be there; those were pretty gay. Robby says that there were many references to The Wave, which I haven't read yet. It's now on my list. I did catch the references to Count of Monte Cristo (movie, not the book), however.

I saw Amanda in the car next to us when we were racing to Wendy's. 'Haven't talked to her in a while. Maybe I should call her up or something. I hate it when great friends get out of touch. That reminds me: I should call Kevin. There's alot of people I should call. I'll get around to it. I know Kevin's number is right, but I don't know of Amanda changed her number. Oh well, that's what instant messaging is for.



Blogger Geiger said...

So, I saw it last night, on IMAX, fucking four stories of shit blowing up, deffinitley sweet.

Your comment about the trails on the knives: I went into the movie biased against them, and indeed I really did not like them, but when you look at the fact that without them, the audience would have just seen a big blur and people dying, they really were nescesary for that fight scene.

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