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Friday, April 07, 2006

Sadies, ACTs, etc.

"I love entertaining people and this is entertainment."
- Jerry Bruckheimer

Well, someone was asking me today about why I wasn't going to Sadies. Honestly, the only motivation I have right now for going to any social event like a dance is to steal decorations and shit. Like the big anchor at homecoming: I really wanted to take it, but it was too big. So, I settled for almost everything in the treasure chest box, including (but not limited to) the rubber eyepatch, >30 plastic gold dubloons, the plastic sword, etc. Oh, and I stole a paper fish and gave it to someone. If I went to Sadies, I'd be leaving with about fifty of those cardboard stars they put up. Another damn good reason for not going to Sadies is that I can do something just as fun for free: go to a movie (I don't pay, I just walk in), ride a shopping cart recklessly into traffic, do things very harmful to my health, play on my brother's arcade cabinet, etc.

So, ACTs are tomorow, anyway. I can't say I'm nervous about them, since I just don't care, but I am kind of hoping to do well. I know that the math section will kick my ass, but the English will be a sinch.

I hope none of you jerkoffs write an ampersand the way modern man has managed to fuck it up. Orginally, the ampersand was a beautiful scripted character meaning "et," the Latin word for "and." This can be seen in the original character (now known as the "italic ampersand" by stupid fucks everywhere) without question. However, the simple rule that as time progresses, so does mankind's laziness applies to the current state of the ampersand. It's like a fucking curly-q that's been beaten, raped, and thrown on the side of the interstate. If you have to write an ampersand quickly, at least write it like a lower case epsilon with a lowercase "t" attached. Oh, and contrary to Wikipedia, never use it in place of the letters "et." I've read both the Chicago Manual of Style's and MLA Handbook's entries on the subject and it is not to be used during writing unless it's for an abbreviation of "and" in a name (such as a company name, for example). So, for the first time in my life, Wikipedia can suck my balls.


Blogger Geiger said...

Wow Chad. I do not care if you have absolutley nothing to talk about, do not bitch about something like the ampersand. How about your abreviation in the fucking title? "etc." What the fuck is that? Et cetra. Look that shit up if you are going to bitch about the ampersand.

11:19 PM


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